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Late this year(as you might have read in the Christmas letter) we went to a town called Sinnemehoning in central Pennsylvania and stayed in a cabin with our friends from Ohio. The cabin was right by a stream, and we had fun building bridges across the "roaring rapids" to the other side. I (Luke) covered the vacation with my trusty digital camera. Here is the result. Enjoy.

"Yeah, this is good"

Future Architects? Mark and Jon (friend Mark's age from Ohio) scout a location and lay the foundation for one of the bridges.


Here's Cara applying the finishing touches and the last coat of moss over each bridge. A new coat of moss had to be put on every so often because it wore down so quickly after frequent use.

This one's a tricky one...

Repositoning the support log. The bridges were built by laying two thick logs across the bank, and a big rock in the middle, and then we layed shorter, thinner sticks across those. At that part, it was possible to walk across the bridge, but it left the hazard of slipping, so we laid moss over the sticks as kind of a carpet.


Talk about a job well done! This bridge held Dad! Since there were two 11-year olds, a 7-year old, a 13-year old and a 15-year old on one of the bridges at one point, the estimated weight limit was around 450-500 pounds. But, you can never be too sure, so we just kept it to 2 people on at a time.